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We are very pleased to be releasing the beta version of “The Simaker“, an application that Vinícius Freitas has been developing with the help of Alala Sims in recent weeks to make managing The Sims 4 easier for you. This release includes only the basic functions of the application, which are:


My Backups/Manage Backups – This feature allows the user to create and delete a backup of Mods and Saved Games files, so if he loses Mods/Saved Games in an update or for any other reason, simply select the You want to recover, click on the “Restore Selected” option and the files will be restored to their specific locations.

My Mods/Manage Mods – This function allows the user to install / delete Mods in an easier and simpler way, this option is preferably recommended for beginners who do not yet have the knowledge of how to install Mods.

Optimize Game/Clear Game – This function allows the user to do a cleanup of files unnecessary for the operation of the game. Example: Cache Files, Temporary Files. Also included was the option to clear the Mods, Saved Games and the Game Library (Place where sims, lots and rooms are saved). But remember: If you enable this option you will lose all game progress, custom content, and saved items.

The starting point of this release of the application is mainly to collect bug reports and errors that may occur in the program. In case of untreated errors, you can notify us by email: [email protected]


To install is simple, you will click the download button below and extract the file. Once you have done this, you will run the application and follow the prompts to complete the installation. After the procedures are done, done! You will be able to enjoy all of the application.


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